10 Day Fascinating Turkey Tour

10 Day Fascinating Turkey Tour

Istanbul, Canakkale, Kusadasi, Pamukkale, Antalya, Cappadocia, Ankara, Istanbul

Day 1, Saturday, Depart from Europe / Arrival to Istanbul with Turkish Airlines:

Welcome to Istanbul, the gateway to the East, the magic city of the Aegean, on the Mediterranean coast, a land of fascinating history and beauty. We will start an exciting tour, visiting various landmarks and the most important of Istanbul. Our visit will start with the magnificent Church of St. Saviour in Chora, called the Church out of the walls with its wonderful frescoes and mosaics. We continue to the Roman Hippodrome, with its towering obelisks, where was also practiced horse racing and all public events. Visit the Blue Mosque, recognizable by its six minarets, built between 1609 and 1616 by the will of sultan Ahmet I. Full board and accommodation in Istanbul. Dinner and overnight at the Hotel.

Day 2, Sunday, Istanbul /Lapseki-Çanakkale / Assos

After Breakfast, we will visit the beautiful and imposing Hagia Sophia, which marked the magnificence of the Byzantine and Justinian’s Empires. We continue our visit with the Basilica cistern and the Topkapi Palace (Topkapi Sarayi), which was the residence of the Ottoman sultans for almost four centuries and the cruise on the Bosphorus. Lunch at local restaurants and depart for Assos with the coach (270 km) arrival at Gallipoli. Boarding on Ferryboat to Lapseki-Canakkale for about half an hour crossed the Dardanelles and continue to Assos (85 km). Full board and accommodation in Assos. Dinner and overnight at the Hotel.

Day 3, Monday, Assos / Trojan / Bergama-Pergamon / Kusadasi

Early breakfast and we start our visit the site of Troy, which has more than 3400 years of history. In the ancient city of Troy, where are intertwined of different civilizations. Lunch at local restaurants and continue our journey to Pergamon (220 km). After lunch, we will visit the ancient city of Pergamon, its Church is one of the 7 Churches of the revelation. We will visit the splendid ruins remain of this ancient city; the Acropolis with the classic monuments of the city Greek-roman theater, temples, agora, the famous library (known for its 200,000 volumes) and the Asklepeion, located on the outskirts of city.The Asklepeion was a center of healing and continue our journey to Kusadasi (190 km). Full board and accommodation in Kusadas. Dinner and overnight at the Hotel.

Day 4, Tuesday, Kusadasi / Ephesus / Pamukkale

Breakfast and departure to Ephesus, a city where St. Paul stand there for a time to visit the surrounding Churches. St. John writes from exile to the Church of Ephesus, mother of the Churches of Asia Minor. Known for its temple of Artemis, one of the seven wonders of the world.

We visit the beautiful and evocative ruins of the ancient city: the Library of Celsus, the Theatre, the Odeon, the Temple of Hadrian, the nearby Basilica of St. John and lunch at local restaurants.

After lunch, continue to visit the house of Virgin Mary (Meryem Ana evi) of Ephesus and then continue to Pamukkale (188 km). Ancient city of Hierapolis, now called Pamukkale hot springs where limestone cliffs descending above have created fascinating travertine in the form of white terraces and basins. Full board and accommodation in Pamukkale. International dinner and overnight at the Hotel.

Day 5, Wednesday, Pamukkale / Antalya

After breakfast, we will visit the ancient city of Hierapolis, founded in the 2nd century B.C by the king of Pergamon Eumenes II, who wanted to compete with Laodicea. Pamukkale has been declared by UNESCO as one of the eminent cultural heritage of the world. We will going on to visit the famous “petrified waterfalls” and the remains of the ancient city of Herapolisi with its large necropolis. Lunch during the visits and continue our trip to Antalya (225). Accommodation and full board in Antalya. Dinner and overnight at the Hotel.

Day 6, Thursday, Antalya / Konya / Cappadocia

After breakfast, we start our tour of visiting the stunning Aspendos and Aspendos is another large city of the Pamphilia, which is located near the village of Belkis 50 km / 31 miles east of Antalya. Continue our visit to the ancient city of Antalya, Kaleici and stroll through the picturesque streets and visit the old port of Antalya. After lunch, we will departure about 12h00 to Konya (300 km) and visit the Mausoleum of Mauvlana with its (Tekke) following with a short of break at the Church of St. Paul in Konya. We will go on with our visit the Seljuk Caravanserai, one of the largest found in Anatolia. Continue on the road to Cappadocia (195 km) and full board and accommodation in Cappadocia. Dinner and overnight at the Hotel.

Day 7, Friday, Cappadocia

Breakfast, early morning our visits are dedicated to the sites of Cappadocia; Goreme Valley with its famous Churches and Monasteries carved into the tuff rock entirely and embellished with magnificent Biblical frescoes. We will visit the Devrent Valley, the Uchisar with its cave dwellings, Zelve, and the “fairy chimneys” and our lunch will be during the visits. The program continues with the visit of Avanos city is situated on the banks of the old river, which is the longest river in Turkey, Kızılırmak means “red river” due to the abundant presence of minerals in the river. We will have a visit at the craft center of Avanos pottery, where you can watch the production of ceramics and back to the hotel. Dinner and overnight at the hotel. After dinner evening show of the “whirling dervishes” included in the price.

Day 8, Saturday, Cappadocia / Ankara

Breakfast and our tours begin with the underground city of Kaymakli it is a vast underground city and was used as a refuge by the Christians during the persecutions. Our visits follows by Ortahisar, which means “fortress in the middle” is a picturesque town built around a huge rock tuff with numerous openings. Lunch in local restaurants and departure to Ankara. During the trip we will have a short stop on the Salt Lake and lunch during the course of the trip. Our journey continue to Ankara (270 km), the capital of Turkey. Full board accommodation, dinner and overnight at the Hotel.

Day 9, Sunday, Ankara / Istanbul

After breakfast, we continue with our visits to the Museum of Anatolian, its represents the Anatolian Civilizations and the Hittite, and the Museum of Ataturk. The architecture of the mausoleum is a mix of different styles representing various Anatolian civilizations. Lunch in the local restaurants and our journey will continue to Istanbul (450 km) by highway and evening arrival in Istanbul. Full board and accommodation in Istanbul. Dinner and overnight in Istanbul.

Day 10, Monday, Istanbul / Europe

Breakfast, visit to the Grand Bazaar (Kapali Çarsi) is an indoor shopping center that was built between 1455 and 1461 by Mehmet II, later expanded with the its Hans. Packed Lunches, transfer to Istanbul airport for boarding on flight of your chosen

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