Why Tur Abdin Tourism

Thank you for choosing us! & Why Tur Abdin Tourism?

Our work is based on many years of experience in the tourism sector, in the knowledge of reality, the direct contact with the various ethnic groups and local communities all over the country and especially in the region of Tur Abdin.
You can choose one of our programs, whatever your ideal, or simply do not want to feel bound by strict schedules and inflexible. . Those who do not have much time but want to see as much as absolutely possible, in addition to our programs, we organize a professional, customized tours to allow all those who wish to visit the magical Turkey, in particular the region of Tur Abdin and immerse yourself in the history, culture in full swing. Our priority is the customer, making Him live an unforgettable vacation.

Our company provides quality service for its customers coming from Europe, from United States and from all over the world. Our staff, our guides who speak Italian, English, German, French and Turkish will greet you with a smile and professionalism.
We are specialize in: Holidays, honeymoons trips, Spa / Wellness, cultural tours, religious tours, yacht tourism, gullet cruise, conference tourism Fly & Drive and airline ticketing.

Our team is at your service from the first day to the last day of your trip. A brief of history about the region of Tur Abdin and Aramaic language. The region of Tur Abdin is a section of the ancient Aram-Nahrin, was located in the heart of Mesopotamia, now the Christian Syriac Aramaic calling Tur Abdin, located in the southeast of Turkey. The Syriac-Aramaic, or Syriac-Assirian culture is literally intertwined with the history of culture of all over the world.

The Syriac- Aramic, or the Syriac-Assyrian people are the heirs of the Aramaic language, that has more than 3000 years of history. It was the language more spoken by all empires which conquered the ancient Mesopotamia and which is the current Middle East. In fact, at the time of the Lord Jesus was the language best known of the peoples of that time. Nowadays the Syriac script is still widely used by the Christians Aramaic which was brought almost all over the world, in Turkey, in Syria, Iraq, in Lebanon, Iran, India, China Armenia, Georgia, in Europe, Unite States and South America and North Africa.

The book of Talmud, of Daniel, of Ezra, several other books and all the books of the Holy Bible were put together for the first time and written in Aramaic at the end of the second century after Christ, “called Peshita”

Aramaic Language
Universal Declaration of Human Rights Art.1
(Syriac or Assiryan Neo-Aramaic Language)
ܟܠ ܒܪܢܫܐ ܒܪܝܠܗ ܚܐܪܐ ܘܒܪܒܪ ܓܘ ܐܝܩܪܐ ܘܙܕܩܐ. ܘܦܝܫܝܠܗ ܝܗܒܐ ܗܘܢܐ ܘܐܢܝܬ. ܒܘܕ ܕܐܗܐ ܓܫܩܬܝ ܥܠ ܐܚܪܢܐ ܓܪܓ ܗܘܝܐ ܒܚܕ ܪܘܚܐ ܕܐܚܢܘܬܐ.